Life at SIHS

Good grades are important for a career. But good grades paired with unforgettable experiences, true friendships, and great memories will be cherished for a lifetime.

Life at SIHS is enriching, exciting, and enlivening with a positive liberal environment, with the freedom for students to share, speak, and parley without any place for judgement. This aims to gain a lifelong experience to cherish, giving them the strength to survive in the real world. Students are encouraged to be involved in a wide variety of daily activities and events in which they become responsible, accountable, and creative. It is a place where students are challenged to make intellectual decisions and lead in positive ways.

SIHS strives in creating an inclusive and humble campus culture and we provide the perfect space to develop yourself both personally and professionally.

Clubs And Activities

Clubs And Activities For Students at SIHS

* The clubs provide a learning experience for the students as they are responsible for the organizing, funding, public relations, regulating, and scheduling of activities for these clubs under the direction of the faculty Coordinator.

The Culinary Club is an innovative space where students can explore and hone their cooking skills collaboratively. The club conducts activities and events in which the students demonstrate their culinary talents. The purpose of the club is to spread knowledge and awareness about food along with giving a pragmatic experience to the students.

The Social Club intends to build reliability and empathy among students, carving future global hospitality leaders committed towards their social responsibilities. By serving society in its possible need through various social activities and events, this club generates opportunities for learning by doing for society.

The Cultural Club plays a significant role in bringing out the hidden talents of the students. They can showcase their skills and build their self-confidence in this club through the various extra-curricular activities organised. The idea is to enforce the students with excellent presentation skills and the ability to cope with criticism.

Student support services at SIHS function as a one-stop information and service centre for students, providing assistance for all personal and professional inquiries. The team helps the student with all their club activities and events.

With the increasing need for mental care among the youth, SIHS understands the gravity of mental awareness and is dedicated to helping students with personal, emotional, and psychological concerns. A dedicated professional counsellor will assist students who need counselling, ensuring the information shared during counselling is confidential, including the fact that you have accessed counselling.

SIHS is committed to mould each student to become industry-ready, ensuring they imbibe the indispensable skills to excel in their professional careers. As part of the commitment, various workshops and seminars are organised to prepare graduating students in finding better jobs.

Student Services

Services for Students At SIHS

Facility and Infrastructure

The SIHS facilities and infrastructure is designed to give students an experience similar to CoGC.

Our classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated with natural light providing a conducive environment for learning. Every classroom has been integrated with the latest technology that is on par with global standards. Our classes can accommodate 25-30 students comfortably, restricting the classroom size for concise educational experience.

Well-resourced, aesthetically designed and furnished with appropriate disposition that creates an inviting ambience for the readers. A digital library with a dedicated high-speed internet browsing facility provides 100% access to the CoGC knowledge repository.

SIHS provides practical facilities including a Culinary studio, Baking studio, and Mock-up training rooms which are similar to an actual hotel environment. A novel part of the facility is the cafe "Bread's & Spread's" run and managed by students and open to the public to give them practical training.

Our Student Lounge is a comfortable area open to students for gathering, studying, and relaxing between classes. The lounge is equipped with comfortable furniture and indoor games, allowing students to take a break and rejuvenate themselves.

SIHS provides a wide variety of accommodation types in Nashik to suit different budgets and needs. Students have to arrange suitable accommodation before arriving in Nashik. The institute will help the students in reviewing the accommodation options, or sources and make available accommodation whether they choose to stay in off-campus hostels, a serviced apartment, private rental, or shared accommodation.

Campus Life

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